It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that innocent and charming faces enthrall our hearts, this justifies the statement “Love at first sight”. The human face is gifted with the ability to be expressive, it images our thought process and it is considered to be the mirror of our mind. It plays an important role in non-verbal communication where we can convey our message solely by expressions.

Eyes are the most distinctive and expressive feature of one’s face. Women make men swoon over their beauty with just a look through their hypnotic eyes; many are naturally blessed with an adorable pair of eyes while others highlight them and make them appealing through various cosmetic aids. Women are praised many times in songs and poems for the mesmerizing look of their eyes which captivates the heart of the observer. A Smile is depicted in the eyes because they sparkle as we smile.

Have you ever wondered about the role of brows lying on the lower margin of superciliary arches and just above the eye sockets? Many of us might be unaware about the role these eyebrows play among all the other facial features.

Few aspects are highlighted below that manifest the functionality of eyebrows:

  1. Protection: – They protect the eyes in a similar manner like the eyelashes from sweat, water drops and specks of dust in the air which gets caught in the eyebrows as they are positioned on the roof of the eye sockets.
  2. Facial expression: – Eyebrows are used for expressing many human emotions like anger, a startle response, fear, deception, appreciation and signaling a mood change.
  3. Communication: – Eyebrows play an important role in non-verbal communication since they are the modes of facial expressions. With just one move of the eyebrows, a person can instigate or dissuade the other.
  4. Identification: – It is concluded by the researchers that people without eyebrows are less recognizable and absence of eyebrows depicts a completely different face profile.

It’s extremely important to take good care of this expressive feature, some people are naturally gifted with a perfect brow shape while others have to struggle to get that flawless curve. Technological advancements in the fashion world have introduced the concept of EyeBrowsMicroblading, a technique that draws semi-permanent tattoo with the help of tiny needles to deposit the pigment and create a natural looking eyebrow. Professionals at WorldMicroblading present you with the perfect blend of artistic talent and specialized technique which will make you stop worrying about your eyebrows and enhance their beauty. The entire microblading procedure requires a couple of hours to complete and the cost may range from $450 to $800 (USD), besides this you might need a touch up every month and you are ready to sparkle your beauty. An aftercare routine is recommended by the professionals.

It is an ecstatic feeling when people around you adore your beauty while you stash away your salon visits, so why not pamper yourself with well-crafted eyebrows by being a part of the World Microblading Academy.

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